Technical education with a royal lineage

Technobothnia is a center of modern high-tech know how, residing in beautiful historic facilities suitable for it’s old heritage.

The history of Technobothnia dates back to the 1840’s, when Finland was an autonomous part of the Russian Empire. By an imperial decree of the Russian Czar, Nicolai the first, a technical Sunday school was founded in Vaasa in 1842. That Sunday school has evolved into the top class technical education that is offered by the University of Vaasa, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and Novia University of Applied Sciences on the Palosaari Campus today.

Going back to these common roots, Technobothnia was founded in 1996, to increase both the cooperation between the schools, as well as being a platform for increased cooperation between the technical education and the technical industry in the Vaasa region.

Not only does the education have a long and interesting history, also the buildings in which Technobothnia resides, have their own industrial heritage, as they once housed one of Vaasas, at the time, finest industries, Wasa Bomullsmanufaktur bolag (1857-1980).
But Technobothnia does not rest on the laurels of its history, quite the contrary. As a modern laboratory complex, the goal is to be on board with the latest technology and research. This is achieved up-to-date educators, projects about current topics and close collaboration with local industry.
On the page Corporate Services, you can read more about the cooperation opportunities we can offer.

Technobothnia’s mission statement is to:

~ Provide a framework for high-standard education and research in the field of technology ~
~ Serve as a channel of cooperation between educational institutions, enterprises and other research institutes and technology centers ~
~ Offer research, and product development, as well as education, measurement and testing services to the private and the public sector ~