Ostrobothnia is the energy cluster of Finland. That’s why we have developed a state of the art Energy Technology and Smart Grid laboratories.

Energy technology laboratory

In this laboratory, the main focus is on renewable energy production. Here we research, optimize and develop wind, solar and water power solutions. This all is combined with smart controlling systems to achieve the most efficient and environmentally friendly solution for energy production.

Examples of Equipment in the laboratory

Edibon, Computer controlled Pelton turbine
H-Tec Education, Solar-hydrogen energy cycle
Armfield, concentric tube heat exchange
ABB micro SCADA monitoring and control system

Link to a more comprehensive PDF-list will come shortly

Contact info:

Name: Hans Linden
Mobile:+358 63 285 556
Mail: firstname.lastname@Novia.fi

Smart grid laboratory

This laboratory focuses on smart automation, protection and control systems. We have also developed a realtime simulator, which is hard-wired in the loop. It is possible to connect switches and relays to the system and test them at realistic circumstances.


Link to a more comprehensive PDF-list of laboratory equipment will come shortly

Contact info:

Name: Kimmo Kauhaniemi
Mobile: +358 29 449 8287
Mail: firstname.lastname@uva.fi