Technobothnia’s services can cover everything right from the marketing idea to the production.

Corporate services

Technobothnia has both the know-how as well as state-of-the-art equipment to be able to offer a wide a range of corporate services. All from measuring services to tailor made courses for companies.

Examples of the corporate services we can provide are listed below.
Do not hesitate to contact us, if there is a service you need, that is not on the list! 
We pride ourselves in being very forthcoming to the wishes of our customers.

We have no set prices on our services. Please contact the coordinator, if you want to ask for an offer.

We are member of, and

Read more about the services VAMK provides at Technobothnia.

Examples of services we provide

Educational services:
Tailor made courses and classes for companies

Electrotechnical tests and measurement:
Magnetic field measurements
Relay tests
High voltage test
High current test

Mechanical engineering services:
Vibration tests
Services regarding product safety and CE-markings
Accelerated Stress Tests (AST/HALT)

Constructional test:
Thermal imaging of buildings
Measurements in building acoustics
Pull/pressure tests

Digital manufacturing:
3D scannings
3D printing

Read more in “The Laboratories“-section about our differents fields and equipment.