MATCHing is a get-together event for tech-students and tech-companies to network and make new contacts.
The event is held annually every autumn at Technobothnia.
This years MATCHing 2021 event is planned to be kept on Thursday 16.09.2021.

(Eventual effects due to the actual Covid-19 risk situation then will be monitored. More information will follow closer to the event whether it will be held locally or arranged virtually.)


MATCHing playfully resembles a matchmaking situation between students and companies, allowing for an easier first contact. An event where we help the right people to meet each other.

The event consists of a more traditional fair, but with a twist of dating apps. All the participating companies gets a dating profile with color codes for their areas of interest.

There is also speed dating between companies and students, and if you happen to get a match during the event, you can go and sit down in the Singles Café and have a chat with your new beau over a free cup of coffee.

The event was first arranged i September 2019 and had an approximate 1000 visitors!

This years MATCHing 2021 event is planned to be kept on Thursday 16.09.2021.


The event is (of course!) free of charge for students. You can come and meet up with companies and see what they have to offer you and grab a free coffee at the café.

We hand out stickers/badges to all students according to what field you are studying (see the color codes), to make it even easier for both you and the companies to find your perfect match.


  • ABB
  • Arnon
  • Beamex
  • Devatus
  • Digital Economy, research platform at the University of Vaasa
  • EPV Energia Oy
  • Etteplan
  • EU Graduate Traineeship Opportunities, from Merinova Oy Ab
  • Exertus
  • FCG Suunnittelu & Tekniikka OY
  • Fusetwin/Lasermark
  • Gambit
  • HT Laser
  • Leinolat Group
  • Maviko Oy
  • Prohoc Oy
  • Sitowise Oy
  • Ab Solving Oy
  • SOP-Metal Oy
  • Wapice Ltd
  • Wärtsilä
  • YIT Suomi Oy Talo

For more information, please contact the Technobothnia coordinator.
Sören Mattbäck, +358 50 306 5092 – soren.mattback(at)