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In Technobothnia Education and Research Centre you will meet Engineering students from three different educational institutions, the University of Vaasa, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences VAMK and Novia University of Applied Sciences. The classes held in Technobothnia are in three different languages, English, Finnish and Swedish and the atmosphere in the building is a unique mix of old and top-modern. 

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The University of Vaasa educates competent experts for the needs of the future. In our university you can complete a degree at Bachelor, Master or Doctoral level. You can also study in the open university or, if you are already working, you can undergo further training by taking courses in the Levón Institute. We also offer several master's programmes completely in English.

Our graduates find work to a good extent. Our education receives acclaim from employers because our teaching meets the demands of modern working life well. All degrees encompass business operations skills and the genuinely international atmosphere of the campus together with opportunities for student exchange is what gives students strong abilities when entering working life.

The university's education is based on scientific research. We are in continuous dialog with enterprises and the surrounding environment as to enable us to offer the latest knowledge for society's use in the future as well.

The function of the Finnish universities is stipulated in legislation. The Universities Act (558/2009) and the Government Decree on University Degrees, among other decrees, define the objectives, extent and overall structure of degrees. The quality assurance system of the university has passed the audit conducted by the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC).



Multidisciplinary, multilingual and international. VAMK is a modern and international University of Applied Sciences which provides high level theoretical and practical oriented education in Finnish and in English, both at Bachelor level in full-time and part-time education as well as professional Master´s degree level.

The main areas of focus are high technology, international business, and health care and social services. VAMK takes a special interest in combining the traditional entrepreneurial spirit of the region with international awareness, languages and culture in the education. There is a strong emphasis on internationalization and the instructors maintain high educational standard.

VAMK has an extensive co-operation network with universities and other educational and research institutions abroad, as well as in Finland. The personnel, programmes and services team up to provide an extensive range of learning alternatives, offering an unbeatable combination of quality education in the modern and student-friendly city of Vaasa.

Currently, VAMK has 3,300 students enrolled and a full-time staff of 210 members, as well as 50 part-time or visiting teachers and professors. VAMK is situated in Palosaari, as a sea side campus with over 10 000 students from three Universities. 



Novia University of Applied Sciences is the largest Swedish-speaking UAS in Finland. Novia UAS has about 4000 students and a staff workforce of 300 people. Novia has five campuses in Finland: Campus Vasa, Campus Allegro Jakobstad, Campus Raseborg, Campus Åbo and Aboa Mare Åbo. Campus Vasa, Wolffskavägen 33 is the campus at Novia which participates in Technobothnia.

Campus Vasa, Wolffskavägen 33 offers Bachelor's degree studies in four degree programmes in Technology and one in Business Administration. They also offer Master's degree studies in Technology Based Leadership and Automation Technology (new 2017). The facilities at Wolffskavägen 33 offer an excellent study environment with the reaserch laboratory Technobotnia across the street.