Power System Simulation

Technobothnia has offered power system simulation services already since the year 2000. We are specialized on the simulation of electromagnetic transients. The target is to compute the power system voltages and currents in various fault and switching situations. We have experience of the modelling and simulation of both public and industrial power systems.

The simulation models include accurate representation of all the relevant components in the system, such as generators, motors, converters, filters etc. The simulation results indicate whether the system operates as expected and it can also be used to analyze the initial cause for some false operation.


Contact persons:

Kimmo Kauhaniemi, professor Faculty of Technology University of Vaasa, Electrical Engineering.

firstname.lastname@uva.fi, phone +358 29 449 8287

Olavi Mäkinen, Principal Lecturer, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Electrical Engineering. 

olavi.makinen@vamk.fi, phone +358 40 584 8830, +358 207 663 626