Efficient Energy Automation with the IEC 61850 Standard


IEC 61850 is a communication standard for substations. The standard is expanding to a global communication protocol, which also includes application level specifications allowing the convertibility of devices for example.

In Technobothnia there has been an ongoing project called DEMVE, an abbreviation of "Development of the Education Services of IEC 61850 in Multi Vendor Environment".

The project's overall objective is to strengthen the Vaasa region expertise in energy technology at the international level by developing expertise in communications standards for electricity distribution. During the project period several of the different vendors' products are collected in a laboratory to examine the data transfer between the products and to create training modules on communication standards. The laboratory is situated in Technobothnia.

Today the DEMVE project has reached the point where education of the IEC 61850 system to companies is possible. More information can be found at www.demve.fi


Contact persons for Education purpose:

Jari Koski, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Electrical Engineering. jari.koski@vamk.fi,                 phone +358 207 663 488

Reino Virrankoski, University of Vaasa, Department of Computer Science. reino.virrankoski@uva.fi, phone +358 29 449 8328

Ronnie Sundsten, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Electric Engineering. ronnie.sundsten@novia.fi, phone +358 44 780 5551, +358 6 328 5551