Technobothnia: the history of the building


From cotton mill to a high-tech technology centre

In 1857 Wasa Bomulls Manufaktur Ab:s cotton mill was founded by A. A. Levón. In the 1950's the cotton mill had around 1400 workers and in 1963 it was fusioned with Finlayson-Forssa Ab. 

In 1980 in the spring the factory was closed.


Vaasan puuvilla .Kutomo paakonttorija asuntoja 1937

Vaasan puuvilla Kutomo 1886. Vaveriet 1886







Vaasan puuvilla,Kutomo 1967 kuva KariHakli

Vaasan puuvilla Sarja I Kortti 15.Kutomo. Vaveriet






Pictures: Vaasan Työnväenmuseo/Vasa arbetarmuseum

Year 1996: The empty weaving hall of Vaasa cotton factory was restored with support from the Ministry of Education and the City of Vaasa and the technical Education and Research Centre of Technobothnia was ready. 

TB byggnadsskede3

TB byggnadsskede 1





This restoration of an old cotton mill was designed and implemented with respect for the original building, while at the same time it was designed as a high-tech laboratory suitable for advanced research. The construction project was awarded The Building of the Year award in 1996 by the State Real Estate Department. 

TB byggnadsskede2The oldest section of the factory was built in 1892.

The University of Vaasa, Vaasa University of Applied Science and Novia University of Applied Science are using the premises and keeps them running.








 Here you can see pictures and the Architecture's point of view of the project